How to run like a pro

Running on a treadmill has lots of benefits, and it’s a safe for you compared to running outside. The weather is not an issue or the crazy drivers swerving off the road into the sidewalk. (if you have sidewalks in your area that is.)

Here are seven tips that will teach you how to run on a treadmill like a pro

1) Don’t look down:

Think about it, when you’re running outside in nature you rarely ever look down because looking straight ahead helps with your running posture. Three major reasons why looking down can be dangerous are 1) bad running posture will increase your risk of neck injury and pain, 2) you’ll get dizzy if staring at your feet for too long, 3) you’ll get discouraged when you see your results on the board. Keep your head up and enjoy the run.

2) Keep Hydrated:

Running on a treadmill is different than running outside. Usually, you sweat more on a treadmill. You’re running at constant speeds. Usually, you’re indoor with lower air resistance. Thankfully most treadmills have a bottle/cup holder so make sure you use it.

3) Warm up:

For the first 5 minutes of your run try slowly increase your pace from a walk to your regular run. This warm up time will allow your muscles to adjust and get ready fro the workload to come. Don’t jump straight into your run, or it will be a short one and last one for a few weeks.

4) Incline:

Given that you’re running indoors with no wind, you should increase your incline to compensate. Usually, 1-2% will do the trick, but try not to overdo it. Any slope over 7% puts a lot of pressure on your Achilles tendon and calves, so avoid injuries and don’t incline too much.

5) Swing your Arms:

The handrails are there for your safety, to help you get on the treadmill easy and help you get off easy if need be but not for you to grab them while running. When running swing your arms just like you were when you were a little kid; with your elbows at 90% and swing them (while keeping your head high).

6) Stride:

When it comes to running on a treadmill, efficiency is critical. Best runners run at about 180 strides per minute, how fast do you run? Keep your stride short and quick, and count your stride. Keep a count on how many times your foot hits the treadmill belt within one minute (that’s your stride). For a few minutes in your run focus on your pace, and increasing it. It will be awkward for a few run, but you’ll adjust to it fast.

7) Cool Down:

Just like warm up, cool down is crucial to work out. You need to let your body adjust to slowing down slowly. To prevent injury and shock to your body use the last 5 minutes of your run to slow down your pace. Love your body, and it will reward you.

***Extra Tip:

Listen to Music: Imagine yourself at a party or club, and you hear your favorite song come on and your start jumping around like a little kid and dancing to it. Find the music that pumps you up, and listen to it while running because it will help you a great deal.

Above all, experience is the only thing that will teach you how to run like a pro. You need to get on the treadmill, hit start and see what works better for you and what doesn’t. As always keep your head up, enjoy the run, and swing your arms like you did when you were a child. After all, you’re in the privacy of your own home and no one can see you.